Twitter Bots : How it works


If you are in social media for long enough, You might be heard about the  Twitter bots phenomena. Those bots being used often by Online marketers to promote their Affiliate offers or Political agenda. When I first heard about such Twitter network bots – I had that feeling that I have to investigate what it is all about. So after around 4 Months of digging in online forums, I found out how the whole process working. Today I decided to share it with you. So you will have the advantage.

How does Twitter bots work?

An Individual creates high Amounts of Twitter accounts / Or Purchase them ready made. Usually, People who scale such projects to build a network of Twitter accounts is developing their own software to create bulk Twitter accounts. Ask me now: but Koren, Why they need software to create twitter accounts?  If  Johnny (for example) decided to scale his operation he will waste half of is life to create 1000 of Twitter accounts. This is why Automation software is needed to High amount of accounts. PVACreator is a software that can be used to create bulk Twitter accounts / Facebook.

What you will need to build your Own Twitter Network?

Photos of your brands:  To create high-quality profiles on Twitter and automate them for one propose – Promoting your main business you should have an attractive profile photo to each Twitter profile that you are setting up. you can use Canva to create graphics that will fits to each Twitter profile. If your business is about dropshipping – Create a photo with text ”Dropshipping Formula” and use it as your Twitter account profile photo.

VPS: Operate the whole Twitter network from a VPS. If you will run 100 Accounts from your own PC it will slow down your internet and when your PC will be shut down, the whole network will not be able to execute commands like Follow / Like / DM, etc. Once your setup it on a VPS: everything will be run smoothly on the cloud. so even if your PC is offline: The bots will keep working. if you want to know more about VPS you can read about it in the Wikipedia

Jarvee: The software that will be used to execute Actions on the bots like : Retweet,Follow,Like etc.

Proxies: Each account should have a different IP address (Proxy): If you will run for example 3 Accounts on 1 IP Twitter will recognize this IP address as a SPAM account: It will lead you to account shut down. 1 Twitter Account = 1PROXY 

Which Actions can be Executed with Jarvee?

Imagine: You built a Small army of 100-200 Twitter Accounts: Those accounts are going to follow random people every day. Most of the time: People that you followed them will follow you back because as they will want to reward you. You give me: I will give you back. This is how it works in life, isn’t it? Back to the business: After a period of 6 Months you will have around 4K Followers on each account. 4K Followers X 100 Accounts = 400,000 Followers Total. Now, lucky you, with jarvee you have the option to tweet 1 time and it will be published all over your 100 Twitter accounts. can you see the big picture in here? can you imagine how many traffic you can attract to your properties nor affiliate offers if 1 tweet of yours will be seen by 400K Followers targeted followers?

How you can grow your Twitter accounts?

So, as explained, with Jarvee you can automate the whole growth process. You can Auto follow, Auto like, Auto Retweet, and you can even auto retweet your own tweets. isn’t it amazing? you will have a small community of people which does not exist, Like every tweet of yours. Finally, you will have some supporters 🙂 This is how it looks from Inside of Jarvee:

Inside the Twitter Bot

Inside the Twitter Bot

Inside Twitter Bot

Inside the bot, you can see all the options that you can Automate. Jarvee can do it all for you so you don’t have to move even 1 finger to follow someone. Your Twitter account will keep following people while you are sleeping. so finally, you have your first employee. 🙂

Twitter Bot Workflow Diagram

Twitter bots Workflow


  • Are twitter bots dangerous?
  • No, they are not dangerous, It depends.
  • are twitter bots human?
  • No, they can’t be Human. Twitter Bots is being maintained by a human. Their Actions is executed by Machine
  • Are twitter bots invading politics?
  • Usually, Politicians are Hiring Media companies to handle Twitter Networking for them.
  • how are Twitter bots made?
  • The profile is made by human nor software: Actions is executed by a software
  • why are Twitter bots following me?
  • If you have were followed by a bot it’s usually based on your topics interest.
  • what are Twitter bots used for?
  • To promote Idea’s / Agenda / Sales
  • why are Twitter bots bad?
  • It can make damage to Social media trust.
  • are my twitter followers bots
  • You can check your Followers stats at Twitteraudit
  • What can twitter bots do?
  • Follow / Like & Retweet content of random people
  • can twitter stop bots?
  • Yes, Twitter is working hard to stop the bots. However, they are always Appearing in different variations.
  • can twitter identify bots
  • Yes, Twitter can identify Bots by Machine learning. They always improve their system.
  • can you report twitter bots
  • Yes, Bots can be reported. It’s the same process as you report on a regular account.

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