Email Scraper: How to Use Scrapebox Full Guide

Scrapebox Email Scraper Introduction

In the next guide, I will show you how you to use Scrapebox email scraper so you can generate free leads and have more business opportunity

Email Scraper Tools we need

  • Scrapebox – To generate free leads & B2B business opportunity
  • Proxies – For multiple threads running
  • Keyword Sheeter – To get relevant keywords for our free leads email scraper

Step 1 – Scrape Relevant Keywords

Figure out what niche you want to work with. Soon as you have your niche you can enter it in keyword sheeter. You will need at least 15-20 Keywords. Example: I am the owner of SEO agency that is interested to work with businesses that are located in Miami. I will enter ”Miami Locksmith” in the keyword sheeter tool to get relevant keyword suggestions.

Step 2 – Scrapebox Mail Scraper Configuration

Open Scrapebox and load your proxies. Now you will have to configure your Scrapebox crawling settings. Go to Settings > Connections Timeout & Other. Please make sure to configure the free leads extractor as well : it will help you to get more opportunities for business.

When you are using 10 Proxies you can run 10 crawlers and extract free leads. in case that you are going to scrape Google. It means that I will adjust the Harvester to 10

For Bing / Yahoo crawling you can use 20-25 per 10 proxies.

Step 3 – Import Keywords & Run Crawlers

Now we want to let the crawlers scrape relevant properties for us so we can export from them the Emails for our Outreach project. So what I am gonna do is insert the keywords that we have from Step 1 into Scrapebox and click on ”Start Harvesting”

Insert your keywords in Scrapebox
Targeted Leads with Scrapebox

Now what we have to do is click on ”Start harvesting” and Choose Google

or Google API as our source to find relevant sites.
(If you have problems scraping Google you can Use Bing or Yahoo)

Step 4 – Cleaning URLs List

  • Soon as we will finish the scan we will be able to see the results in Scrapebox. Now we need to clean the URLs that we scraped so we will not have duplicate domains.
    We will use these 4 Built in options in Scrapebox
  • Remove Duplicate Domains
  • Remove Duplicate URLs
  • Trim to root URL.
  • Remove URLs Containing (*.gov,*.edu,etc)

After I trimed the URLs to root and removed Duplicate domains & URLs I have 377 URLs in the list Instead of 2204.

Go to Remove / Filter again now and click on ‘Remove URLs containing”

Now your list should be 100% Clean.

Step 5 – Grabbing Targeted Leads aka Emails

Now click on Grab / Check and choose ”Grab emails by Crawling Sites”

Now the Grabber settings will appear

As you can see I put the Arrow on ”Depth” with this option you can choose how depth you want to crawl in those sites. For example, if you choose 1 it will only Crawl the URLs main page for searching the email. If you choose 2 It will crawl 3-4 pages / the whole website.

You really want to make sure that you have local websites without too many pages.

Because, If you will scrape Big sites Like Wikipedia and it can take you forever. You can use Scrapebox tools to filter out those well known authority sites.


Once you are done with the Crawling you will be able to see your email attached to hyperlink in the Email grabber plugin. Just click on it on all of your leads will be in 1 text file. I hope it helps. Here are the results of our Locksmith crawling:

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