How to do Keyword Research without Paid Tools


Free Keyword research with free tools – In this guide, I will explain to you step by step how you can find low competition keywords without using Paid tools Like :

Ahrefs / SEMRush or KWFinder. Follow the instructions below and you will find out how you can do keyword research for FREE.

The Pros of Using Free Keyword Research tools

Using free tools for keyword research can give you the advantage to find low competition keywords without paying to a third-party solution to figure out which keywords should fit best on your project.

Let’s have a look at the pricing of the most Used tools right now in the market for Keyword Research.

KWFinder – $29 Basic package plan
Ahrefs – $99 Basic package plan
SEMRush – $99 Basic package plan

If you want to get more accurate results for your projects than you can simply use my Keyword research guide for Ahrefs (Paid tool) they are offering $7 for 1-week trial subscription.

  • Average Monthly Saving: $29 to – $99 for using the free keyword research tool Ubersuggest

The none paid tools that you can use

In this paragraph, I will tell you which tools you can use to do free keyword research. However; In this guide, We will focus on the best tool to do it ”Ubersuggest”. So here is a list of free tools that you can use if you are not interested to work with Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest Alternatives

Start Using Ubersuggest

Simply go to the Ubersuggest website and type in the niche of your projects.

Insert your desired niche in Ubersuggest and hit ”Search”

Now scroll the page down and click on ”View all keyword Ideas”

Now you will see an option to export the keywords into a CSV file. Export it to CSV, And execute it on your PC.

Once there, you will have an excel sheet with all of the keywords you were looking for. What I usually used to do is simply Sort them by A to Z.

Free Keyword research

Organized Keywords Ranking Difficulty Level

Now you will have all of your desired keywords organized in one excel sheet. You can share it with your VA and let them know which keywords they should start working on.

Usually, Keywords that have 10-15 Difficult level with 1K – 2K monthly searches is worth your time to rank for.

Things to look for when Picking up your keyword
  • For Organic SEO – Focus on Search difficulty tab
  • For Paid Search (PPC) – Focus on Paid Difficulty
Keyword research with free tools
The Keywords Exported from Ubersuggest free tool.


Pick Up the Right Keyword to Rank: 10-16 Keyword score is usually easy to rank on Google. So the best to do is to insert it in Google search and see which websites is ranking on the page 1 results — If you see High-Authority sites like Forbes, Investopedia or any other well-known website than probably you don’t want to try to outrank them – It’s very possible however it will take you X3 more time to outrank not so known authority property.

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