How to build a PBN in 2020 Full Guide

What is it PBN aka Private blog network?

A private blog network is a bunch of websites. it can Starts from 5 to Unlimited numbers. Controlled by 1 person or SEO agency (Usually). The main goal behind owning a PBN is for dropping links to the SEO Agency clients or your own Money site.

The Money site is your Main website – As the owner of this site, your main concern is to rank this site on google SERP. PBN Network can be used to push your Main site rankings with dropping links to each platform.

A Real PBN is not shared in any public form nor selling cheap links. The only person who knows about his PBN is the entity that controls it. At the moment that the owner starts selling links to other people with his PBN Network, you should consider any link from this platform as a Risk to your website.

Is it safe to use Private blog networks?

Yes. using PBN links can risky. Google is facing hard times detecting those PBNs and in a simple manner, I would say that they are investing a lot of resources to fight it because when you will do it properly – you can crush the SERPs so quickly.

Do This PBN Method working in 2020?

In the 2020 PBN technique are still highly effective. It depends on your setup. Some can set up their PBN wrong and make more damage than good while some can setup it properly and crush the SERPs in a short manner of time. And because of this reason; If you are not sure what you are doing you can contact an expert to do it for you. It’s enough that you will have a minor footprint that links between your Network to each other and all of your Blogs can be deindexed quickly – Including your main site.

How to plan your PBN Domains Setup

Check your competitor Backlinks

: First, prepare yourself a detailed report of your competitor backlinks. With tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush you can export the complete backlink profile of your competitor

Are you looking for someone to build your PBN? You can contact me.

Research Competitor PBN Links

Figure out which links of your competitor are from Private Blog Networks; Find out the Power (Moz Domain Authority) of those domains and when you got a complete picture of their Power – Plan your Domains budget based on that. Don’t get it wrong because general domains also work and pass link juice.

Niche or General Domains

With niche links, you will pass more relevancy link juice to your site and with General domains, you will have less relevancy. Finding niche domains is too challenging if it’s your first time and you will be limited. General domains can be used for any niche that you will.

Find the right Domains for your Network

  • The whole idea behind PBN is to rank quicker as you can and when you have Domain names that already have History & Backlinks it’s easier to pass link juice to your main site. You can scrape expired domains or buy a domain from an auction and keep in mind that you want to look at these factors before you pick up a domain.

    If you are not on a budget: you can simply scrape domains yourself. If you have a budget to invest you can purchase Premium domains – Those will be like 10x more effective than the ones you scrape yourself.

What to check before picking a PBN Domain?

  • Majestic TF – Trustflow Metrics via Majestic.
  • Moz DA – Domain Authority via Moz
  • RD – Referring Domains
  • Age of domain – The more it’s aged = The better.
  • Spam Links – Run a scan with Ahrefs or other Backlinks checks.
  • Clean Anchors – Run a scan with Majestic
  • Clean History – Check via Waybackmachine

    In any case that you are not interested to check those metrics manually, you can use Spamzilla for Spam check and DA/TF/Anchors. In general, RD Is the one that critical since 2020. RD = Referring Domains from Different IPs (Websites) The more – the better.

Planning your PBN Setup & Budget

Before you decide to pick up a project, you will have to plan your Private blog network Budget, costs and customize it to your own needs. When you have a plan – It will be easier to operate for you.

Domains Costs

An expired domain that you find yourself is the lowest option and can cost you $10 at the max. OR if you are on a budget. Premium auction domains start from $30 up to 1k. Scraped domains can work – Depends on how tough your competition. PS. Make sure to use Whois protection on each domain.

✅$10 X 50 Blogs = $500 [Yearly]

Hosting Costs

For each website, you will need a separate hosting to avoid linking between your sites. For example, if I want to create a network of 5 Blogs I will set up each blog on a different provider from this list – Costs usually not more then $4-5 a month.

✅$5 x 50 Blogs = $250 [Yearly]


The hosting list can go on but you got the Idea. Separate hosting provider for each domain.

You can also use hosting providers that their whole business model was built for PBN — Those hosting providers were already set up from scratch to avoid linking between your Network.

Content Costs

For a website to be effective you will need at least 1500 Words of content. The market price per 500 words of content starts from $5 to $10. I would suggest purchasing High-quality content for $10. Use only HQ content and treat your sites like it’s your Money site (Main site) in order to keep them for long-term use.

I am pretty sure that when you negotiate with a writer you can get to an agreement and reduce the price for 7-8$ per 1500 words when you purchase in bulk – So keep that in mind. Content is playing a major part a specially in 2020 when artificial intelligence playing a big role. So make sure you have readable content that actually provides real value to your potential PBN readers.

✅1500 Words X 50 Websites = $1500

Website Setup

It depends on your requirements for each site of your PBN. You can use free themes with no plugins, or use paid themes and premium plugins. those can raise or reduce your cost per site.
If you have an in House team of VAs it can be cheap. or you can simply set up the sites yourself. Usually, it starts from $20 up to $70 per site.

✅$20 X 50 Websites = $1000.

Domains registry

Register your PBN Domains on different domain providers. If for example, John wants to build a network of 100 PBN Blogs – Register 50% Blogs at Godaddy, 30% at Namecheap, 20% at Namesilo – This is what usually gets done to keep John PBN protected from being spotted and deindexed by Google.

PBN Management

This part is a bit ”tricky” because the whole idea of managing your own private blog network is to keep it healthy for the long-term. In order to avoid any mess or linking with your Private blog network, you will have to manage an Excel sheet with Information on each site. It’s better to execute actions on your site from a Portable Firefox to each Site.

Separate Your PBNs Safely

Keep your links separated by not linking to your Money site from the same blogs hosted on the same IPs. for example, if you have 10 sites on your network and all of them are hosted on the same IP of your shared hosting – Don’t link from all of these sites to your money site – It will make too easy to detect your Private blog Network.

Use Proxies to Access your Blogs

Log in to your sites with different proxies using Dedicated proxies to avoid linking between your sites between. Because you have to remember that the reason that your site is ranking on Google. That is because your site mentioned (backlink) on many websites (Your PBN) in Google eyes: Those PBNs are not owned by you. Unless… you got deindexed.

Setup your first PBN Blog

Content Management System

To keep it simple you want to use a basic CMS like WordPress to manage your Network. It will save you time and there are plugins like ”Under Construction” that you will have to set up on each blog before it goes live. You can install WordPress from CPanel or FTP. It’s up to you. Both options are good. While you are setting up the first site you will have to make sure that you will not get indexed before you finish the setup. You can simply install a WordPress plugin for it called ”Under construction” or, choose in WordPress settings manually to not index any pages of your sites. This option should be unchecked when your site is ready to go.

Choosing your WordPress theme

Depends on your business – You should choose the right theme. For example, If you have a company for Website development you can choose a 1-page theme and add a link in the Footer ”Designed by <Your company name>”
If you are planning to sell links, You can build a general blog with a few categories and content for each page – then linking back to your money site in one of the articles. Basically, it depends on what type of impression you want to give to the visitors. So you can create a company site, a general blog, or a niche site. the choice is up to you. Keep in mind, that when you picking up a premium theme you chances of being deindexed after manual review will be less than a site with a free theme that was built with low-quality resources.

Content Basics

For each site you make, you want to make sure to set up these basic criteria to ensure that you will have some kind of value on your site/Browsing experience. Don’t make your sites look obvious as a PBN network with cheap spun content.

Block Bots

Blocking bots like Ahrefs,Majestic, Moz are playing a critical rule to keep your PBN safe from Competitors. Because who wants that their competitors will be able to see all of his PBN links with a simple Ahrefs or Majestic crawler? This is also one of the reasons why It’s important to make your PBNs look like they are actually REAL sites and not a link farm site. Once you blocked them competitors will not be able to crawl and spot your PBN network. I mean they can, but it will require extra efforts from their side. And usually, they don’t do it. 🙂 What you will have to do is simply block them from your htaccess. You can follow this guide to learn how to do it.

If you find it hard to locate your htaccess via FTP / WP. You can simply download the plugin ”wphtaccess editor”

Site Structuring

As I already told you before you want that your PBN sites will look real websites and not like a PBN network. That’s the reason that you should build at least the 3 basic pages of every PBN. And no… you should not have this taught ”It’s just for links I should not care about how it looks” YES. You should care because if one of your sites will raise a concern in a manual review; your PBN will be deindexed no questions asked.
Simply break your Menu Into 3 Parts:

  • Logo – You can get a logo for 5$ from Fiverr, or Use this Platform (free)
  • Navigation Bar
  • Sidebar
Setup 3 Pages – At least.
  • The pages you should have in your Site;
  • FAQ – Generic Question & Answers about your niche/site.
  • Contact us – A page t contact Administrator
  • About – 100 words about the site.
  • Terms and Conditions – You can generate a policy
  • Resources / Reviews / Tips – 1 Random page with generic Post.

Other Method to Setup Your PBN Sites

Setting up the site yourself is not the only way to create your blog network. You can also Restore old websites from It can save you time building each blog. However – It can put your site at risk in any case that the original Owner of the content does not like the fact that you restored his site. Usually, they would not care since they already Abandoned those sites. Risk still there.

Restore expired domain as a PBN Site

Most of the people not investing a lot of resources to design and plan their PBNs. Usually, they just restore old domains back to life. It means that once you figured it out which domain you want to set up your PBN on – You can simply restore it and use it as one of your Network sites without creating pages, design, etc. For example. John build a website about cars in 1998 – 2 years later he decided to left this project. He didn’t pay his hosting & domain fees and as a result – his domain expired. Now, we have an option to buy and restore John site from snapshot. Simple.

Restore expired Domain as a PBN Pros & Cons

Save time on creating site content
You Don’t Have to design or create logos

You stealing other ppl content.
You can get a copyright infringement complaint

How I can restore an expired domain from the Wayback machine?

You can learn yourself how to restore an expired domain by using Domrecovery software or you can simply hire a freelancer to do it for you on Fiverr. Before you do restore, It’s highly recommended to check if this content is already being used by other Websites. Simply run a Copyscape check on the Archived content URL.

PBN Linking Strategy

Money site: What is it?

The money site is the website that you will link back with your PBN Network. It not must be your money site. It can be your Client site too. Soon as you will finish to setup your PBN Properly by following this guide you should start dropping links to create the so-called ”link juice” to your money site.

Types of PBN Links

There are more than 5 types of links However, I will talk about the types that used often for PBN backlinks.

  • Contextual Backlink – Linkingback from an Article Keyword
  • Footer Backlink – Links that located in the footer menu
  • Sidebar Backlinks – Links that located on the sidebar of your site
Contextual Backlink

While are creating links in our PBN Network we want to make sure that we are squeezing the maximum link juice by using Contextual backlinks. These are links that usually come from Articles. It means that if I have an SEO Agency and I want to rank my Agency site for ”SEO Miami” I will create an article of 1000 Words about SEO Agencies in Miami with a contextual URL to my Agency site with keyword ”SEO Miami” The article will create the Link juice Relevancy effect if we have a General blog.

Footer Backlink

The footer back is usually being used for Web design Companies so they can have a type of ‘Portfolio” and for Brand name mention which is Playing a big rule in SEO 2020. So if for example, I run a design Agency I will drop a footer link with a text size of 8-9 ”Designed by DesignerXYZ Agency” and link back the brand name only to which DesignerXYZ.

Sidebar Backlinks

The sidebar backlinks strategy is usually used to have a permanent homepage link to your money site OR if you PBNs getting enough traffic I usually put there a Banner to promote an affiliate offer.

Now you just have to decide which link is relevant to your project and implement it on your Private blog Network.

Backlink Timing

Now, soon as your PBN Sites are ready it will be the time to link. However, You should not link right away. For example, if one of your PBN sites was just created/restored today – Let it age for at least 1 week and Make sure that it’s indexed. Once it’s aged and indexed – Drop at least 3 links for authority websites within your niche. Wait 2-3 days and then Insert a backlink to your Money site. Wait a few days and watch how it’s affecting your Money site ranking in the SERPs.

PBN Management Paid Tools

When you have a Private blog Network of 1K sites
Monitoring them all can be pretty challenging. However, there are some tools that make it pretty easy on you.


ExecPBN will provide you with a detailed Information about your PBNs Increase and allow you to manage your sites while minimizing your footprints.

Exec PBN  Management tool

Exec PBN Management tool

Ranker X

With Ranker X you can manage unlimited amounts of PBNs from the same Dashboard. Create Multiple posts across different Web 2.0 and WordPress sites and keep a clean PBN footprint.

PBN Management
RANKER X For PBN Management

Best PBN Hosting

Dealing with PBN Hosting when you have multiple websites can be a complicated task when you manage your properties across different platforms. Some companies aware of it and they come up with a Solution for multiple Private blog network hosting. I will recommend on the two that I personally used and know that they are the right pick.

Recommended Cheap PBN Hosting

Buybulk Hosting – They have more than 350K unique IPs. Prices are cheap and affordable compared to other PBN hosting providers. It depends on which package you choose for your Network. When you use them – you can be pretty sure that your PBN Network stays unlinked with zero footprints.

Buybulk Hosting PBN Hosting Prices

Frequently Asked Questions

Does use PBN Links are against Google guidelines?

Using a PBN Is deffently against Google guidelines. Google wants to keep their search results organic and when you are using a PBN you manipulate the search engines – This type of manipulation is against their TOS.

Can Google Identify that I am using a PBN?

Yes. they can spot your PBNs and deindex your Main site if they caught that you are using PBNs to rank. This is the reason why it’s important to keep your sites unlinked with each other.

How many PBN Links I need to rank?

It depends on how competitive your keyword to rank. You can determine it by using tools like Ahrefs and KWFinder. Usually, keywords with a 10-14 score in Kwfinder can be ranked with 10-15 Links.

Do PBN Links For Local SEO Is WORKING?

Yes. PBN Links For local SEO is working.

Is it considered as a Blackhat tactic to rank?

Yes. using PBN links to rank is considered as a Black/Grey tactic to rank your sites and you can get punished for it (deindexed/SERP Penalty)

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