How to find expired Domains

Expired Domains – What is it?

So if you are here you are probably wondering; what is it an expired domain and how you can benefit from it? In the next paragraph, I will explain to you how expired domains work and how you can find them scraping the web.

The most common question people usually asking is why would I use an expired domain? The reasons are:

  • an Expired domain comes with built-in Authority
  • It comes with Ready-made Backlinks
  • Rank quicker than a Fresh domain
  • You can use it to Re-direct to your Moneysite / PBN.

What is the most important factor when searching for Expired domains?

Finding an expired domain it’s usually the easiest part when you are using Tools like Scrapebox for scanning the web: However, if you are interested in a domai I recommend you to check the domain History before taking a decision to start a project with ceratin expire domain that you scraped.

Because some of the domains might be used before as a PBN or they simply have a Japanese / Chinese content (Spam sites). These are the checklist that I am suggesting you mark before you start building your property on your desired expired domain.

Expired domain checklist

  • Web page Snapshot (Time machine) via If you see p0rn / gambling foreign Language than probably you should not use it. This platform will show how the website used to look like before.
  • Redirect history: If the domain has been used to redirect to other domains more than 5 times ; than probably it was used to backfire someone else PBN/Websites before.
  • Domain Anchors via Majestic SEO tool – Make sure that the anchor URLs are 100% clean. If you see words like ”V1agra”‘ ”Michael Kors” – Than it’s probably spammed.
  • Domain Metrics – Majestic TF (Trust flow) is what you should be looking for. I would say, that it would build a PBN for a client, I will not look at domains that are less than TF 10+
  • Referring Domains (Majestic metrics) – These are the number of backlinks that point to the expired domains. If the links are High quality – It will probably increase your domain Value.
Majestic domain Metrics
Majestic domain Metrics

Okay. Now that you know the important factors before you hunting for an expired domain you are ready to find out how to scrape them. – In the next paragraph, I will tell you exactly how you should do it.

Tools you need:

  • Scrapebox – To scan for expired domains & find seed URLs
  • Expired Domain Finder – Plugin/addon for Scrapebox
  • Keywordsheeter – For bulk keywords (or you can via Scrapebox)
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) – To run Scrapebox 24/7
  • Proxies – To not getting blocked for too many HTTP requests
  • Domdetailer – To bulk checking your Domains Metrics (TF/DA/PA)

let’s assume that you bought your VPS from Vultr and now you installed Scrapebox on it already.

Step Number 1
1. Insert your proxies into Scrapebox — 10Proxies would be enough.

Great, Now that your proxy is loaded we want to find the right websites to crawl with Scrapebox in order to find expired domains. Go to Keywordsheeter and enter your niche keyword — It will suggest you a ton of Keywords – Those keywords will be used to crawl in Scrapebox to find a targeted domain within your niche. For example, if you are in the cars industry, then simply write ”Fresh cars” and hit the “‘Sheet keywords”

Expired domains
The keywords that generated for the desired niche.

Now simply copy & paste the keywords into Scrapebox and start harvesting.

Soon as you will finish to harvesting you should download the Expired Domain Plugin for Scrapebox and run it. To download the plugin you can Choose in Scrapebox menu ”Show available plugins” and download it from there.

Expired Domain Finder Plugin
Expired Domain Finder Plugin

Now open the Expire Domain Plugin Click on ”Load” at the bottom of plugin windows and Insert the URLs that we harvested using our Crawling technique with Scrapebox.

URLs are loaded, now what you have to do is to configure the crawl settings so it will scan 40% of each URL web pages instead of just 1 URL.

Click on Crawl depth and choose Level 2 or 3. Hit start and let it crawl in order to scrape the expired domains.

Checking the Expired Domain Metrics

Now that you got your domains you probably want to know the Metrics of one of them like PA / DA / and also TF — The most important metric. Simply Open Domdeatiler app as I explained to you before and load the URLs. From there it will be easy for you to determine your domain metrics

Expired domain metrics
Expired domain metrics


You can load URLs in bulk so it can save you a lot of time instead of checking Manually each domain on the Majestic web interface. Keep in mind that what most important before hunting for an expired domain is the Spam score & Domain TF (Trust Flow) . Goodluck

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