Best URL Shorteners You Should Use In 2020

Given the fact that Google has decided to terminate its URL shortening service, there are a number of link shorteners that you can use. Today I will share with the best 10 URL shorteners for 2020. Now 9, After shutdown.

Why URL Shorteners are created

Developers create URL shorteners with the purpose to generate dynamic links that are more manageable links. A short URL makes your life far easier. It looks tidier and occupies a little space when using it on a business card, email or in an advertisement. There are times when you can’t put a hyperlink just because it isn’t ideal according to the circumstances; it is when you use URL shorteners.

How URL Shorteners Benefit Digital Marketers

URL shorteners help digital marketers to track their efforts and help them improve their marketing strategies. Research shows that content having short URLs get more shares. Apart from that short URLs have high click-through rates and help marketers to measure traffic on their websites.

Features of URL shorteners vary from one another depending upon its development. Below is the list of 10 best URL shorteners. Happy reading!

10 Best URL Shorteners You Should Know


I am sure most of the links that you came across over the past must have a extension. One of the widely used URL shorteners in the market is This is a free tool which helps you shorten the URL in a single click. All you need to do is to copy the link and instantly paste it and to get the short link in a second. You can then use this short link wherever you want.

best URL shorteners – one of the most used URL shorteners enterprise brings you great stories and helps you connect with your valuable customers. Once you become a premium member, you can have various benefits including improved engagement rates, more clicks and have an amazing customer experience., one of the oldest URL shorteners, helps you build flawless experience across various devices and channels. Now you can build brand consistency, enhance results and track and measure analytics of every single link in order to measure the performance of your campaigns. With it is far easier to take business and personal branding across each channel and every device you carry.

best URL shorteners

Unleash the power of brand building using

2. – Shuted down (2020 Update)

One of the most popular link shorteners is which is owned by Google. Easy to use this is one of  URL shorteners, which allows you to generate short links in seconds. It also provides click analytics which are accessible to everyone. UPDATE : link shortners is not operate anymore in 2020.

best URL shorteners shortner is not operating anymore. (Update 2020)

If you are highly dependent upon to get your short links, it is time to change your decision. Since 13 April 2018, it is only accessible to existing users and they are able to generate short links on Google console. Based on user experience it is one of the credible URL shorteners, however, Google decided to turn down its link shortening service completely by March 30, 2019. Till then you can access and download the analytics which will remain active. All the previously generated links will remain active. doesn’t provide any other link than the number of clicks on the short link.

best URL shorteners

One of the best URL shorteners that we will miss

3. Tiny URL

The above two URL shorteners are the oldest ones. Tiny URL is a free service that allows you to get rid of the long URLs. Since 2002, there are billions of happy customers when Kevin Gilbertson launched the service for the first time. This is the most reliable link shortening services. Once a URL is shortened it will never expire and it will never break.

best URL shorteners


This link shortener is compatible with each platform and almost every browser you use. You can use TinyURL in order to redirect to various pages on your site. It also allows you to shorten the current webpage using its toolbar button. In case TinyURL is used with a purpose of spamming or any other illegitimate purpose it will disable and the user may be reported to cybercrime agencies and relevant government officials.

best URL shorteners

TinyURL is one of the secured URL shorteners

4. is a link shortener that you can use as a part of Hootsuite, which means that you will have first get registered on Hootsuite in order to use Once you register yourself on Hootsuite you can use in order to shorten your links and post them on social media.

best URL shorteners is newly added to Hootsuite

People use to get short links, particularly for social media. It also helps you measure social ROI, clicks and analyzes traffic. In order to enhance security is integrated with Hootsuite, but before that, it was available for everyone. Although is a free service, if you want to access more features you can sign up for it premium version.

best URL shorteners – an extension of Hootsuite


If you use Buffer for social media management, I am sure you must be familiar with For those of you who don’t know about Buffer, it is an amazing social media management tool which helps you get to engage your followers and much more.

best URL shorteners

Save your time using Buffer, which is one of the amazing URL shorteners, is integrated with Buffer. Therefore, to be able to use for link shortening you must use Buffer for the social media management of your business. Buffer was initially created in 2010, since then it has a huge list of happy customers. avoids breaking links and it allows you to easily integrate links to the social media posts. This service is free of cost and it helps to analyze social media engagement and track the analytics.

best URL shorteners

Buffer analytics


On our list of 10 URL shorteners, we also have If you are looking for simplifying, managing and tracking your links, is the place to go. One of the unique characteristics of is that it helps you get custom-built URLs, which means you can replace with your own domain name to make it more reliable and trustworthy. It is user-friendly and free of cost. With its unique features, it allows you to learn great analytics about your links and helps you identify the click-through rates of the short links.

best URL shorteners

Simply your links with Cuttly

Its ability to provide detailed analytics, and link management features make this service very reliable. doesn’t display ads when it redirects the short links to actual URL. It helps you track the real-time performance of your links. Further details that provides includes the geolocation, page referrals, systems and the other devices that are used and social media clicks. The short links that provides never expire. It is one of the free URL shorteners.

best URL shorteners

Cuttly is an amazing link management platform


Known as one of the widely URL shorteners, provides you with the perfect solutions. is user-friendly and it provides you powerful links that never expire. It measures and analyzes engagements across all platforms and devices. It helps you have better performance of links through email, apps and ads and websites.

best URL shorteners

The newly introduced

With the rising importance of the Mobile SEO every single day, helps you shorten links and optimize for enhancing performance. Using its complex analysis that consists of 5 steps it provides you great statistics to analyze performance. If you are looking for most recommended URL shorteners that can also provide you with statistics, you should go for

best URL shorteners

The five steps


If you are looking for one of the simplest URL shorteners, then you should go for Simple and elegant this tool is easy to use, all you have to do is to copy the URL and then paste it in the box available on its front page to get the short URL. From there you can copy the link and put it anywhere needed.

best URL shorteners – the simplest URL shortener

Quick to use, this tool neither asks you for any verification. You can also get a custom-built URL, which increases brand credibility and consistency. is among reliable URL shorteners that help you build brand credibility.

best URL shorteners

Get your customized links


There are a decent number URL shorteners. However, is one of the unique URL shorteners, as it provides you an opportunity to earn money. This works on a simple rule, i.e, the more clicks you get on the short link the more money you will earn. If you are really good at traffic generation for your blog or website then you should use this link shortening tool.

best URL shorteners

Make money with

Once you are able to sign up, you will get thorough details of link statistics. Interesting enough the payouts is as low as $5. It is one great URL shorteners that are used for advertisement. You can use your PayPal account in order to collect your earning from You can earn a huge amount of money by placing your links on social media, particularly Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

best URL shorteners

One of the unique URL shorteners


There are several URL shorteners; but is powerful, easy-to-use and simple. It provides you with real-time analytics of your link. It also gives geographical statistics, which makes this tool unique in its nature.

best URL shorteners

This is one of the simplest URL shorteners that can help you optimize your website. Instead of getting links with random characters, helps you get short URLs that are easily readable by the search engine. As a result, it helps you improve your website ranking. If you want to get custom-built links, can help you get that done easily.

best URL shorteners

Get your custom domain name with

We hope the above-up-to-date list of URL shorteners helps you. How often do you use URL shorteners for your business? Do you think we forgot mentioning any of the URL shorteners? If yes, make sure to put it in the comments below, so that we can add it into the list.

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