Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners is what we are about to talk about today.  The whole Idea behind CPA/AFF Marketing Online was made to make it simple for beginners to make money online without having their own merchandise/products.

Nowadays, everyone that can invest his time into learning the in-depth of the online world marketing can generate a good income from Affiliate programs like Amazon, Clickbank & Maxbounty.

Programs For Starters

Each Affiliate program has its own advantages. For example; Amazon affiliate program can generate you MORE conversions than Clickbank because of their Brand trust,

However: You will get a tiny commission of just 4-5 %.  unlike Clickbank where you can get 20-40% on each sale. This example showing you why you have to first do your own

research and make sure that you pick the best affiliate program for your needs.  What important is, that if you are dummies for affiliate marketing Amazon e-e-commerce site can give you a great Kickstart for your journey.

Making Sense

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners Are easy to follow with proper market research.

In any case that you decided on your path and to start making money online with Affiliate programs, It’s important that you will be making sense of what is going on the market. And by saying making sense.

you need to do market research first that will fit on your needs.

why? you are a rookie marketer looking for just tiny extra income each month, then it’s making sense to you to start with Amazon Affiliate website, why? It’s easy to scale, it’s trustworthy platform and the conversions rate coming to the roof when start to get enough traffic, however, it’s only 5% per sale but if you are rookie, 500$ a month with Amazon Affiliate website – can work for you.

How  to start

First of all,  I posted here the best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners you need to be aware for yourself, you are a dummy in affiliate marketing and you want to hang out with some people who know about affiliate marketing, You might be asking, Where I can hang out with those people who can assist to an affiliate marketing dummies without capital? The Answer is SIMPLE. Online Marketing Forums & Sub Reddit’s for CPA Marketing.  Let me help you with dummies resources that you will need to support your affiliate marketing research so I prepared some great forums and reddit communities to help you to start making money online.

 Marketing Forums



  • A Great subreddit who is sharing pieces of advice for CPA marketing for dummies.


  • Subreddit where you can learn  Ideas to about how to promote your CPA offers from Maxbounty / Peerfly.

  • An Amazing forum community with many Professional Marketers that willing help, Also by just reading their material you will understand that this platform is a gold mine, with moderators that keep the community with high-quality standards and a marketplace that can give you a great KICKSTART for buying SEO services to push your affiliate marketing offers forward in the search engines. they are well known with top-notch tutorials for Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

How to pick a Good Affiliate Network

As a beginner marketer you will find out that most of the time you scratching your head and thinking, which program should I go with? there are so many offers out there and I want to waste my time for nothing, correct? if that’s the case don’t worry because I got you covered. I am going to share now the TOP  Affiliate Networks that are most easy and reliable to work with. And remember that traffic is the key to sales, that’s why you should read How to generate traffic from Quora

Best Affiliate Networks for 2019


Affbank Offer cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs.

10 to 75% per Sale.


More than 5 Million Digital products. 20-40% Per Sale.


10% to 45% per sale.


Commissions start from 10% to 45% Per sale

Amazon Associates Program

Electronics & Home Decor Products.  5% commissions per sale.

3 Top paying affiliate programs

Top paying Affiliate Programs

Top paying Affiliate Programs

Let me find for you the TOP paying affiliate programs


Coverkit it’s an email marketing company
Who has a Revenue share program With Up to 70% Commissions


Liquidweb is paying between $115 to $750 per sale.


CF is the TOP notch platform for marketers to build sales funnel.
You can earn 40% each month for a lifetime on each customer that you bring into their platform.

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners is now much easier to understand, right?

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